ISAGO airline’s membership is for operators that wish to subscribe for the access to the ISAGO reports. There are over 500 ISAGO audit reports available.

ISAGO audit report provides the airline with:

  • Assurance that Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSP) conform to the industry ground operations standards and that they have a robust and sound management system in place with the same elements as IOSA airlines
  • Complementary information and a solution to strengthen and simplify their oversight programs including an opportunity for cost and audit reduction
  • Additional layer of control for their Safety Management System in the area of outsourced ground operations services  

How can you benefit?

It’s not one size fits all, different airlines have different use and measure of their benefits. ISAGO audit report information may be used as: 

  • Complementary data to risk-based oversight system on GHSPs
  • Reduction of scope/frequency/cost of oversight activities
  • Reduction of scope/frequency/cost for GHSPs’ training activities
  • Procurement requirement during contracts’ negotiation or when seeking for GHSP at alternate airports

Interested in ISAGO membership for airline?

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