The Operational Portal is an online platform for airlines and ground handling service providers (GHSPs) providing access to a range of operational standards on different ground handling requirements. The portal also facilitates the exchange of operational information between stakeholders. 

Currently, the Operational Portal includes:

  • IATA Ground Handling Manual (IGOM)

Throughout 2024, it will be expanded to also include:

  • Airport Handling Manual (AHM) Chapter 11 Training
  • Organization and Management (ORM)
  • Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM)

Adopt IGOM by Joining the Operational Portal

Through the Operational Portal airlines and GHSPs can easily declare their compliance with the IATA Ground Handling Manual (IGOM) provisions, the established standard for ground handling worldwide. In addition, you can record and exchange information as well as post any variations to IGOM in your ground handling requirements. This strengthens the IGOM standard by establishing a baseline to measure the global adoption of IGOM. Greater standardization will see a reduced need for airline specific training and will allow GHSPs to deploy staff more easily across multiple customers.

Benefits of using the Operational Portal to Access IGOM

  • Simplified verifiable communications with traceable notifications between airlines and GHSPs on IGOM variations
  • Real time updates to the IGOM are immediately published on the portal.
  • Benchmarking comparison function enables a digital gap analysis between IGOM requirements, and the manuals used by airlines and GHSPs.



Ops Portal features

  • Notification function: communicate information about your variations to the IGOM once and update all partners in real time.
  • Gap analysis: benchmark your procedures and monitor where they differ from IGOM. If you have no variations, effortlessly adopt the IGOM in full.
  • Variation report: facilitate the identification of variations from IGOM and share them with your business partner.
  • Dashboard: get insight on your performance, with customizable reports and charts.
  • Station administration: keep your data confidential, telling only those who need to know.
  • Always up to date: receive the latest changes to the IGOM as they’re approved.
  • Easy to manage: assign different roles within your organization.
  • It's free: sign up today.

> Guidance for IGOM Gap Analysis (pdf)

> IATA OPS Portal User Guide for IGOM (pdf)

> IATA Customer Portal account User Guide (pdf)

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