IATA's 17th annual Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC 2021) is a series of weekly webinars from September 15 to October 6, 2021.

Each episode of MCC 2021 addresses a different theme:

Episode 1: Industry Status

In this episode, seasoned industry experts presented their take on the industry and market outlooks in their respective areas.

  • Adam Pilarski (Senior VP – Avitas): Impact of COVID on the industry
  • Michael Moosberger (Senior Economist – IATA): State of the airline industry and outlook
  • Andrew Doyle (Senior Director, Market Development – Cirium): Fleets & utilisation
  • Keith Fernandes (Manager, Fleet Engineering – Virgin Australia): Aviation restart, safely managing aircraft return to service

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Episode 2: OEMs and Supply Chain – Challenges & Opportunities in the Post COVID Era

In this episode, we presented the main points of the agreement between IATA and Rolls Royce announced in July 2021 and took questions from the audience. We will also address the  "Annus Horribilis" and the implications for OEMs and the commercial aerospace supply chain.

Our speakers:

  • Rom Chambard (VP Marketing, Civil Aerospace – Rolls Royce)
  • Daniel Kanter (Assistant Director Legal Services – IATA)
  • Dr. Kevin Michaels (Managing Director – AeroDynamic Advisory)

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Episode 3: Digital Aircraft Operations 

The third episode focused on the efficient processes and adapted tools that can help airlines optimize their aircraft data management and their material costs.


  • Pierre-Yves Benain (Portfolio Director, Aircraft Data Management – SITA)
  • Joan Roca (Product Manager – SITA)
  • Dr. Sebastian Vock (Senior Solution Architect – Opremic Trade GmbH)

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Episode 4: Operations in the post pandemic

In the last episode of MCC 2021 Webinar Series, we hosted experts from various areas of the airline industry and discuss how the aircraft leasing business is evolving, how the MRO market has been impacted by the COVID crisis and how airlines have continuously been adapting to the many changes and restrictions in the past 18 months.


  • Phil Seymour (President and Head of Advisory – IBA): Maintenance Costs, Aircraft Leasing in the post pandemic “new normal”, what can we expect?
  • Jonas Murby (Principal – AeroDynamic Advisory): MRO Outlook, MRO Outlook: COVID’s implications for airlines and MRO suppliers
  • Swaran Sidhu (Head of Fleet Technical Management – easyJet): easyJet’s Engineering & Maintenance journey through the pandemic highlighting its strength in innovative cost management, performance resilience and transformation to the new normal

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