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5 November 2023

Airline Transition pathways to 100% Offers and Orders

Since its creation, in parallel with the establishment of the Modern Airline Retailing program, the Airline Retailing Consortium member airlines have been working across critical workstreams with the objective to support the acceleration of the industry transition to a world of 100% Offers and Orders.

Earlier this quarter, the Consortium released a third output addressing IT Provider readiness and the possible transition pathways for airlines to realize their modern retailing vision. 

Released after the Business Case for Modern Airline Retailing and the Business Reference Architecture module, the IT Provider Readiness and Airline Transition Pathways paper was endorsed by 15 IT vendors, committed to building the solutions enabling the industry transition away from legacy artifacts (eTKT, PNR, EMD).

The white paper was also introduced and explored through the vantage point of several Consortium and IATA subject matter experts in Episode 3 of our Modern Airline Retailing - the Tangibles webinar series.

Access the webinar recording here >> 

IATA webinar on Airline Transition to Offers and Orders

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