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19 June 2022

How CO2 emission calculators can lead your business to a sustainable future

Mitigating our carbon footprint can be a huge challenge for anyone who needs to fly. Air transportation is essential, so how do we develop strategies to fulfill our travel requirements while also respecting our obligations to the planet?

In order to fulfill ecological mandates, we need to know our environmental impact. This starts with understanding the fundamentals of environmental sustainability and knowing your options for making informed decisions about air travel. 

When thinking about our carbon footprint and air travel, here are some essential questions to keep in mind:

What is environmental sustainability?


Sustainability focuses on balancing our economic and societal needs with the health and well-being of our planet. Making an environmentally sustainable choice means taking actions that allow us to function as a society while having a neutral or, if possible, beneficial effect on the environment.

What are IATA's goals for helping the environment?


IATA has set the ambitious target to make flying net-zero by 2050.  

This means:

  1. Accelerating the research and development of sustainable aircraft and aircraft engines by using electric, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies.
  2. Creating more efficient and sustainable ground operations, alongside better and more efficient air traffic management.


IATA aims to drive global environmental connectivity by partnering with individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to affect radical environmental changes that will improve lives and preserve our planet.

How can IATA help me make better, more sustainable choices for air travel?


IATA offers a wealth of tools and resources to help individuals and organizations make ecologically sound decisions.  This includes IATA CO2 Connect - the most accurate and reliable carbon emissions calculator on the market.

What is a carbon emissions calculator?

Carbon emissions calculators allow you to measure your carbon footprint for any particular action. IATA CO2 Connect measures the carbon emissions of any flight so you can compare and evaluate your options to make the best possible decision.

Additionally, carbon emissions calculators, like CO2 Connect, allow you to track your emissions and create reports for all the flights you have taken, giving you a global view of your environmental impact.

Why should I use IATA CO2 Connect?

IATA CO2 Connect is the first industry-developed calculator that measures passenger CO2 emissions. The product was created in collaboration with industry leaders. It includes fuel and traffic data that was collected directly from airlines and covers over 881 aircraft operators representing 93% of global air travel.  As a result, CO2 Connect sets new industry standards for precision and transparency.

What makes the CO2 Connect measuring methodology so unique?


As an objective industry leader, IATA developed a Recommended Practice Per-Passenger Calculation methodology that incorporates a more thorough set of metrics to measure your carbon footprint for air travel more efficiently.

The methodology considers:

  • Guidance on fuel measurement, aligned with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
  • Clearly defined scope to calculate CO2 emissions in relation to airlines’ flying activities
  • Guidance on non-CO2 related emissions and Radiative Forcing Index (RFI)
  • Weight-based calculation principle: allocation of CO2 emission by passenger and belly cargo
  • Guidance on passenger weight, using actual and standard weight
  • Emissions Factor for conversion of jet fuel consumption to CO2, fully aligned with CORSIA
  • Cabin class weighting and multipliers to reflect different cabin configurations of airlines
  • Guidance on SAF and carbon offsets


This information and much more are used in combination with verified airline operational data —exclusive to IATA. 

As a result, the CO2 Connect calculations are more precise, comprehensive, and transparent than anything else available, giving you an accurate measurement of your environmental impact when flying.

Who is IATA CO2 Connect for?


CO2 Connect is a highly valuable tool for anyone who wants to make sound ecological choices when flying. 

  • Travel agencies who want to provide the most environmentally sound service to their customers.
  • Businesses and organizations that require clear and accurate data on their carbon emissions.
  • Individuals who want to feel confident that they’ve picked the most sustainable option for flying.

How do I use CO2 Connect?


We’ve made it very simple to incorporate CO2 Connect into your existing travel planning processes.  Just connect the API or flat file to your existing booking tool or reporting system, and get accurate, transparent reporting of carbon emissions, whenever you need them.

How does CO2 Connect help my business?


Fulfilling a company’s environmental mandate can be tricky.  We all need to know that your choices are truly reflective of the effects you’re having on the environment.  CO2 Connect adds another level of transparency and thorough analysis to its reporting so you can rest assured that your carbon accounting is as accurate as possible.

Even if I know my carbon emissions, what can I do with that data?


Having accurate emissions data allows you to make better decisions to maximize the efficiency of your business travel strategy and minimize the environmental impact of your travel choices. 

CO2 Connect helps you:

  • Implement an immediate strategy that encourages environmental considerations for flying.
  • Motivate clients/ employees to make better pre-flight decisions that minimize CO2 emissions for each trip. 
  • Track and report emissions on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis in compliance with Scope 3 requirements.
  • Support your Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) strategy with accurate measurements of carbon offset. 
  • Make confident choices to combat climate change with accurate and reliable information.

IATA CO2 Connect is a valuable tool to help you make clear, environmentally sound decisions when you choose to fly.  

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