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10 August 2021

2021 Global DG Confidence Outlook

Sponsored by International Air Transport Association (IATA), Labelmaster and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, the survey of 465 DG pros from around the world examined how organizations managed the pandemic and the ability of their DG management operations to meet supply chain needs. The survey found the need for greater awareness among senior leadership and further investment in DG training and technology.

Key Findings from the Report

Last year’s survey (conducted in June 2020) found that organizations struggled with: receiving goods in a timely manner, lack of carrier availability, training/recertifying employees and keeping teams up-to-date on new and existing compliance rules.

This year’s survey (conducted between March and April 2021) found that despite the range of supply chain challenges, DG pros feel their organizations managed the pandemic reasonably well.

  • 80% agree their companies coped well during the pandemic
  • 62% agree their supply chain IT capabilities supported DG management well during the pandemic

And many are confident that things are getting back to normal.

  • Already back to normal (37%), within the year (29%), 1-2 years (19%), over two years or will never return to normal (14%)

Organizational Performance Gaps

Despite positive sentiment, DG pros are signaling there are still critical organizational issues to be addressed. The most pressing being organizational awareness and infrastructure (50%), training curriculum that meets goals and supports remote learning (46%), harmonized regulations and interpretations (44%) and DG technology (42%).

Given these issues, DG pros acknowledge significant performance gaps.

  • Infrastructure: Only 25% believe their company’s current infrastructure is equipped to meet future needs, and less than 20% believe existing tech at their company supports future DG needs
  • Compliance training: 41% feel their current training/recertification curriculum is not equipped to meet future needs
  • Organizational awareness: 31% feel their company’s senior leaders are not aware of their DG supply chain challenges, and 36% indicate their companies only adhere to the minimum requirements

However, in spite of needing better DG resources, organizational support is not expected to grow with future spending on DG management: Less (15%), the same (60%) and more (25%).

Though organizations feel positive about how they have managed the pandemic, DG pros recognize potential challenges on the horizon if DG management gaps are left unaddressed. But in order to address these gaps, senior leadership needs to recognize the critical role DG management plays in the supply chain and overall business, and then invest in the training, technology and resources needed to not only keep the supply chain running (even when major disruptions arise), but provide real business value and differentiation.

To learn more about how the pandemic has impacted the DG supply chain, and the changes DG pros feel are needed within their organizations, please view the infographic below.

Where To Find More Information

IATA works diligently to ensure air transport remains safe whether through passenger travel or when transporting dangerous goods by air. Safety is the number one concern. IATA recognizes the importance of adequately training stakeholders and giving them the support they need to perform their jobs in a safe and secure manner. IATA is dedicated to providing quality training and regulation manuals to ensure that safety regulations are always easily accessible to those who need them. To find the latest copy of IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), visit the DGR page

View this article to learn more about what you need to know about the transport of dangerous goods by air.

2021 Global Dangerous Goods Confidence Outlook

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