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8 August 2023

On-demand Webinar: Air Passenger Forecast – June 2023

What factors are driving the resurgence of air travel in 2023? 


In this webinar organized by IATA and Oxford Economics discuss the optimistic outlook for air travel in 2023. Despite ongoing uncertainties, the forecast paints a positive picture for the travel industry. Key factors contributing to this resurgence include pent-up demand, prioritization of travel spending, and the gradual recovery of international travel.

What does the latest IATA Passenger Forecast show?


Latest data for 2023 show a positive outlook for air travel recovery in 2023 and onwards. Domestic air travel has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, especially in China and other major markets, and this trend is expected to continue. International travel is recovering at varying rates across regions, with strong growth between Europe and North America, while some Asia-Pacific routes are lagging but still improving.

The upcoming peak travel season in 2023 is predicted to be busier than the previous year, although total travel volumes are projected to remain below pre-pandemic levels. Challenges such as supply chain disruptions, staff shortages, and geopolitical uncertainties could impact capacity and travel experiences. Nevertheless, airlines are anticipated to achieve profitability due to increased demand, improved consumer sentiment, and the ability to charge for travel services. Overall, the forecast suggests a promising recovery for air travel in 2023 and beyond, despite ongoing uncertainties.

Watch the on-demand webinar now!


What is covered in the Air Passenger Forecast – June 2023 webinar?


  • Air travel outlook for 2023
  • Global economic slowdown
  • Impact of higher policy interest rates on consumer spending
  • Recovery of domestic and international air travel, led by China
  • Uncertainties: economic drivers, inflation, and capacity constraints

Looking for in-depth analysis and data on the air travel industry?


The IATA 20-Year Passenger Forecast  utilized by aviation stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of future air passenger traffic. It encompasses historical data, forecasts, and expert insights, making it the industry benchmark for gaining valuable insights into potential future scenarios and projected passenger traffic volumes within a specific market and time horizon. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the air passenger forecast, we offer a range of data products that cater to this need. These products are designed to provide in-depth information and analysis to help stakeholders anticipate upcoming air travel trends effectively.  

Access comprehensive and reliable aviation statistics with World Air Transport Statistics (WATS). Updated yearly, this database compiles information from more than 250 international airlines, encompassing various metrics related to industry demand, supply, and performance. WATS offers in-depth insights into passenger and cargo traffic, industry trends and rankings, airline specifics, and aircraft statistics.

Monthly Traffic Statistics serves as a dependable repository of historical passenger and cargo traffic data, collected directly from airlines, rendering it an invaluable resource for organizations in need of precise industry information. The monthly reports offer a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of the traffic data.

MarketIS is a reliable provider of precise and extensive information concerning the worldwide air travel market. This data solution leverages authentic ticketing data sourced from IATA's Billing and Settlement Program, coupled with its proprietary internal modeling systems, enabling the generation of 100% accurate global market estimates.

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