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17 October 2023

On Demand Webinar: From Theory to Action: Advancing CBTA for Dangerous Goods Handling

Are you one of the many organizations that are currently navigating the transition from traditional training programs to the more dynamic and effective Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) approach? This innovative approach not only empowers you to tailor course materials and content according to specific job functions and tasks but also enriches the knowledge and skills of instructors while providing international recognition.

Adapting to CBTA can be a challenging endeavor for many organizations, as it involves transforming traditional educational systems while staying compliant with industry requirements and regulations. In a live webinar, industry experts outline how to smoothly transition and show how others have successfully implemented the CBTA approach.

Watch the on-demand webinar now!

What information are experts covering in this webinar?

  • Challenges and Solutions: Addressing common challenges faced during competency-based training implementation and providing practical solutions to overcome them.
  • Case Studies in Competency Success: Showcasing real-life examples of CBTA Centers that have successfully implemented competency-based training for dangerous goods handling, emphasizing the positive outcomes achieved.
  • Role of Certification and Recognition: Discussing the significance of CBTA Center certification in ensuring that organizations are well-prepared and qualified for delivering dangerous goods courses.


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