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18 November 2022

Why Engaging Your Employees Builds Your Business

Staff training creates a team that will learn and grow together. This has become increasingly vital in the industry recovery as aviation organizations look to retain their talent while bolstering their options to succeed in a fast-moving industry.

  • Some 80% of workers believe they would be more productive if they learned new skills.
  • Research shows 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if there was investment in learning.

Investing in a deep-seated industry knowledge gives organizations a platform to increase creativity, flexibility, and profitability.

Top 3 reasons for staff training


  1. Bridge knowledge gaps quickly
  2. Increase regulatory knowledge
  3. Retain top talent


Download our whitepaper that will provide in-depth analysis of the advantages of staff training.

How IATA Training can help your organization


IATA Training’s commitment to excellence is seen in the approval ratings:

  • 90% of companies say employees applied their new skills in their daily job
  • 93% of companies experienced noticeable benefits from our training


Industry-leading training puts your organization ahead of the curve in key areas of business:

  • Compliance: Compliance with regulations and industry standards is an effective and efficient operational tool.
  • Operational efficiency: Maximizing available resources ensures safe and efficient operations that will keep costs low and revenues high.
  • Organization sustainability: Training provides a pathway for your future leaders, ensuring the strength of your organization in years to come.

IATA Training solutions for your business


Ineffective training costs companies $13.5 million annually. IATA Training is valued and respected throughout the industry. In a normal year, some 100,000 participants successfully take part in more than 400 courses, and IATA delivers more than 350 training solutions to companies around the world. Staff development services include customizable in-house training, training needs analysis, training certification and leadership programs with renowned universities.

Give your organization the resilience it needs to thrive. Explore the full scope of IATA’s training solutions for businesses.

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