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​The world changes quickly. The political and economic forces of today will transform the future, but how they will affect air passenger traffic is uncertain. To ensure your long-term strategic planning remains sound, you need to continually re-evaluate in light of current changes. And that’s a massive job that requires big data and specific expertise. IATA’s 20-year Air Passenger Forecast makes it easy for you.

As an airline, airport, government agency, tourism-industry company, or firm financing aviation initiatives, you need to understand how air passenger traffic will evolve over the long term, and how current political and economic trends can positively or adversely affect growth rates. IATA analyzes the fundamental drivers of air travel demand to identify the major traffic trends for the next 20 years, including different scenarios, to provide valuable input for your long-term strategic decision-making.

"The longer range that IATA provides, both historically and forecasted, helps us help our clients make more informed decisions, because we can see the cycles and trends more clearly."

Sandra Guggenheim, Sector Manager, Boston Consulting Group

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Obtain expert insight into aviation’s future

IATA 20-year Air Passenger Forecast gives you the figures, predictions and scenarios you need to:

  • See how the industry is expected to recover from the COVID-induced crisis over the next two decades
  • Explore alternative scenarios based on the evolution of demand after the pandemic
  • Obtain expert insight into possible futures as well as forecast figures

The latest update of the 20-Year Passenger Forecast incorporate a sharp impact from COVID-19 followed by a gradual recovery thereafter. Domestic and short-haul markets will recover faster, with long-haul travel being the last to return to 2019 levels of demand. The industry's center of gravity will continue its shift towards Asia as emerging markets in the region are expected to see fast-paced growth in the coming decades. 

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Be sure you’re on the right track

  • Plan and adjust investments in infrastructure – Our figures and predictions are updated twice a year to help you stay on the right track.
  • Lend expert support to financing requests – Show your investors a 360° view of the future of the industry.
  • Solve this problem – How the product/service solves the problem in detail, mentioning the features entailed.

What’s inside the 20-year forecast

The IATA 20-year Air Passenger Forecast predicts passenger demand by looking at such factors as the emerging middle class in developing countries, diverging demographic outlooks, further liberalization of aviation markets, and climate change.

  • Forecasted growth rates – Adjust your models and scenarios for the very long term.
  • Alternative future scenarios – Take into account all eventualities with our provided scenarios, and obtain bespoke scenarios on demand (please contact us).
  • Bi-annual updates – Ensure you’re working from the latest information with updates every April and October.
  • Multiple formats available – Choose from the options below to meet your information needs.

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