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10 August 2023

Unveiling the power of data: Boston Consulting Group's journey with the IATA 20-Year Air Passenger Forecast

Step into a World of Insights:


Discover how Boston Consulting Group (BCG) harnessed the power of the IATA 20-Passenger Forecast to elevate their projects. In a world hungry for precise passenger traffic projections, BCG turned to IATA Data Solution for answers. The result? A firsthand account of how accurate insights can reshape strategies. To access the full story of Boston Consulting Group's experience, complete the form below.  

Download the full Boston Consulting Group case study (pdf).


IATA 20-year Passenger Forecast gives us incredible visibility to best advise our clients. IATA is a source we can count on for travel and tourism intelligence.

- Coolin Murphy, Senior Knowledge Analyst, Boston Consulting Group

How does the 20-Year Passenger Forecast help organizations in the aviation industry enhance their strategic planning?  


The IATA 20-Year Passenger Forecastserves as a valuable data package for aviation stakeholders, enabling them to grasp forthcoming air passenger traffic. It comprises historical data, forecasts, and expert insights, making it the standard reference for gaining valuable insights into potential future scenarios and projected passenger traffic volumes within a specific market and time frame. 

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