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​​The Standard for Air Cargo Messaging

Cargo-XML messages are used for electronic communication between airlines and other air cargo supply chain stakeholders, such as shippers, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, and regulators, as well as customs and security agencies. Core Transport documents such as air waybill, house waybills, manifest etc. commercial documents such as invoice, packing list etc. must be exchanged between the business partners form the movements of goods and flight.

IATA’s Cargo-XML Toolkit delivers the Cargo-XML standard to the air cargo industry. This toolkit is used by businesses in developing open and flexible XML applications for automating electronic transactions or messages. The purpose is to ensure uniformity, mutual understanding, accuracy and economy in electronic data exchanges.

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2024 Cargo-XML Toolkit (CXML)

Edition: 12

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What's inside the Cargo-XML Toolkit?

  • Cargo-XML message specifications, schemas and data length recommendations
  • Mapping with Cargo-IMP and with WCO Data Model and UNTDED Data Elements
  • Conversion guidelines between Cargo-IMP and Cargo-XML
  • Message layout and examples (including sample messages)
  • Message history and version management tools
  • User capabilities and code lists
  • The IATA Cargo-IMP Manual (34th edition)
  • Enhanced OCI Table for e-CSD

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Stay up-to-date

Significant changes and amendments to the 12th edition (2024) of the Cargo-XML Toolkit include:

  • Guidance on EU-Import Control System (ICS 2); and mapping with Cargo-XML standards.
  • New major versions of 6 Cargo-XML messages are introduced, namely:
    -   XML Waybill Message (XFWB)
    -   XML House Waybill Message (XFZB)
    -   XML Flight Manifest Message (XFFM)
    -   XML House Checklist (XFHL)
    -   XML Flight Booked List (XFBL)
    -   XML Freight Status Message (XFSU) 
  • New codes are introduced to support the: 
    -   PLACI referral processes, including transmission of Movement Reference Numbers.
    -   Customs Clearance Processes such as CC for customs clearance.