IATA's training programs are designed to be used in conjunction with the Dangerous Goods Regulations to familiarize students with its various sections as well as on how and when to apply them.

Our training workbooks will meet the essential training requirements of airlines, schools and other organizations within the industry. Each training book one is based on the practical application of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, which includes all ICAO requirements and also includes:

  • Extracts from Regulations where necessary
  • Guidance notes to help interpret the Regulations
  • Examples in the application of the Regulations
  • Practical exercises to test students' understanding of the Regulations

Employees who must, by law, be instructed on how to transport dangerous goods by air with the following informative series:

  • Workbook 1: Shippers, Packers, & Personnel Accepting/Processing Dangerous Goods
  • Workbook 2: Flight Crew, Load Planners, & Flight Dispatchers
  • Workbook 3: Cabin Crew, Passenger Handling Personnel & Security Screening Personnel
  • Workbook 4: Ramp and Warehouse Personnel
  • Workbook 5: General Cargo Acceptance Personnel


Dangerous Goods Training Books & Instructor Toolkit ***effective as of January 2020***

Training Book 1 English $85
Training Book 2 English $55
Training Book 3 English $55
Training Book 4 English $55
Training Book 5 English $55
​Instructor Toolkit English $250