Unlocking the value of new cargo business partnerships means ensuring all the connections are in place. With multiple locations on each side – each one needing first to establish contact, then connect, with their counterparts – this can take weeks. The IATA EPIC platform facilitates and speeds up those connections, saving time and money for airlines, freight forwarders and Cargo Community System (CCS) providers.

Centralized platform to connect with cargo partners

With annual access to the IATA EPIC platform, you'll have a single location to:

  • Manage your own organization's digital connectivity information
  • Distribute your information to new partners, and make it public for potential ones
  • Visualize new requests to connect or update, public information, and your established connections

Join our community to easily connect with cargo partners

Our cargo partners include:

View the complete list of IATA's EPIC community cargo partners (pdf)

What our customers say

“[EPIC] increases transparency of the technical capabilities of partners to be registered. This helps us in the decisions we make on the resources we allocate and the approaches we have to implement, e.g. an XML partner requires XML-testing. These clarity and visibility aspects [of connectivity information], with the ease of registration process, through EPIC, will bring in advantages to all stakeholders involved.”

Boost cargo business profitability

  • Maximize revenue –By centralizing connection information, IATA EPIC reduces the time to connect with a business partner from weeks to minutes, enabling new revenue immediately 
  • Reduce and maintain costs – By simplifying the connection process, IATA EPIC provides significant savings, and predictable costs for your budget
  • Retain control of your information and process – By enabling you to control access to your centralized information, through a simplified process, IATA EPIC multiplies your options for managing connectivity

Complete cargo connection management

IATA EPIC is a global database of air cargo stakeholders' digital connectivity information, and a set of tools to facilitate connections:

  • Organizational profile – Maintain contact information, connectivity IDs and messaging capabilities for all your locations, to easily share them when the time comes
  • Partnership database – See all your current partners, with their contact information and IDs, to update them quickly when needed
  • Distribution of IDs – Send and receive (updated) IDs and messaging capabilities to/from new or existing partners or other organizations efficiently, to never miss out on business
  • ID publication – Choose who can see your information, and access potential new partners’ public information, to meet your business goals
  • Request management – Receive and confirm partnership requests and updated information via the platform, to streamline your connection operations
  • Messaging – Reach out to partners contextually, to facilitate understanding
  • Connection statistics – Track the volume of your connections, to visualize all your station IDs and requests