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Selling air tickets in multiple currencies with the most accurate exchange rates in the market can be exhausting. For interline tickets, you need to be consistent with the industry.

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IATA Consolidated Exchange Rates (ICER) is the official industry standard for pricing and ticketing transactions when converting fares, taxes and fees to an alternate currency.

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2023 IATA Consolidated Exchange Rates (ICER)

Format: Data File
Language: English
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  • The industry source adopted by IATA Member Airlines and Strategic Partners
  • Easy to use and reliable one-stop source
  • It instantly gives the correct rate in over 24,000 currency combinations from over 150 currencies
  • Greater protection: any variation in the rates of exchange higher than 6% triggers same-day e-mail alert
  • IATA customer support team available for any questions regarding exchange rates


  • Automated file available in easy-to-download csv and xml format
  • The file is updated daily (Monday to Friday)
  • Uses a public default source and alternate sources of exchange rate from 58 different exception Governments. See the list ICER List of Country Exceptions (pdf)
  • Can also be delivered automatically through IATA's iiNet transfer service


Industry department
Airlines Accounting, Pricing and Ticketing
Fare Search Engine Information Technology
Global Distribution Systems ​Information Technlogy
Service/Solution Providers Information Technology
Travel Agencies Pricing and Ticketing

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ICER data via API

If you are interested in accessing ICER data via API, you can access the documentation and a free-of-charge testing environment.