International Aircraft Financing (IAF) is a unique two volume reference designed especially for airline finance and legal practitioners but also for any other stakeholder involved in aircraft acquisition, trading and financing to help clarify the complex processes involved in aircraft financing, making them simpler and easily digestible to any reader.

The IAF is a foundational document that will equip anyone involved in aircraft acquisition, trading financing with the key leasing and financing structures available, as well as model lease, purchase and other agreements that are ready to use or be adapted in real life negotiations, together with commentary on particular provisions to aid in such negotiations.

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The IAF is available in digital format. The digital version provides downloadable templates of the model lease and purchase agreements found in the toolbox.

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International Aircraft Financing (IAF)

Edition: 3
Format: Software Application
Language: English
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What’s inside the IAF?

This two-volume manual provides comprehensive insights into each of the following subjects:

  • Market and commercial environment, operators, equipment and personnel.
  • Fleet and financial planning, leasing, interest, currency, taxation, risk management and governmental and manufacturer's support.
  • Ownership, security instruments, aviation insurance, aircraft maintenance requirements.
  • Air law applications to financing including international agreements and conventions.
  • Model lease and purchase agreements, with commentary to aid in real life negotiations.
  • Explanation of key terms and definitions.

Who is the IAF for?

IAF is designed for legal and finance specialists from airlines, fleet trading managers, leasing and insurance analysts, bankers, engineers, private practice and in-house lawyers, and governmental representatives, as well as for a general readership interested in the process of acquiring and paying for aircraft.  

Stay up-to-date

This 3rd edition builds on and updates the prior 2015 edition to reflect substantial changes in aviation and in the market for the acquisition and financing of aircraft since then, especially in light of:

  • Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.
  • Issues arising out of reregistration of leased aircraft in the Russian Federation.
  • An increased focus on the need for sustainability in aviation.