As part of our efforts to improve your membership experience, we are introducing the digital IATA/IATAN ID Card on the  AgentExperience app. There are also exciting new features that allow you to renew the card on the app, send a copy of your ID Card to suppliers, and find travel agent offers around the world.

Never be without proof of your professional status

Forgetting or losing your physical card is no longer a worry. Even if you lose your own device, you can access your card from any device with the app.

Have your status verified quicker

Your digital ID Card can be emailed to suppliers with a simple tap. When claiming an offer, a quick scan of the digital ID Card QR code will validate who you are.

Protect your status from theft

Even if you lose your device, access to the app is protected. Additionally, when you tap to share your digital ID card with suppliers, your status is further endorsed as the email comes from IATA.

Benefit from maximum advantages

You can rest assured your card and its associated advantages will be available to you within 48 hours upon order/approval confirmation. Additionally, you can use the app to find offers for attractions and services close to where you are.

Optimize your precious time

Mobile access means you can take advantage of any spare moment to check out our latest offers or get answers to your ID Card or AgentExperience questions from our team.

Download the IATA AgentExperience app

Sign up & login instructions

If you already have an AgentExperience login, please use it to access your digital ID Card on the app. You can also reset your password to regain access.

If you have never had an AgentExperience account, please sign up with your agency IATA Code and VER # on the app.