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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is recognized as the global benchmark for compliance, high quality and excellence. We have been setting the standards that simplify and secure the transport of goods by air all around the world since 1945, and we work hand in hand with regulatory bodies, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to ensure they are implemented and followed. Our goal is to enable a safe, secure, sustainable, interconnected and efficient air transport industry, able to grow and thrive.

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With IATA Certification, you are communicating that you are operating within a validated framework to meet regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices. You are also demonstrating, to customers, potential and existing employees, business partners and investors, that you are a company that strives for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Our certification experts have deep understanding of your business, drawing on decades of experience in their chosen fields within the air transport industry. We perform hundreds of audits every year, across a vast spectrum of air transport regulatory standards, and work with organizations at every stage of the supply chain. Our highly qualified specialists work with you locally, advising and guiding you and your teams, to ensure your successful certification.

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Our auditors provide everything you need to comply with a host of air transport industry regulations and standards, as well as to achieve best practices and continuous improvement.  

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