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Thousands of companies have received CEIV or safety and operations certifications from IATA, have been recognized as working towards environmental sustainability with IEnvA, or have obtained training validation, including being certified as CBTA centers. Consult the official registries

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Brussels Airport joined with IATA to co-create CEIV Pharma to better serve its community

Surrounded by pharmaceutical production companies, Brussels Airport had created its own standard, but believed there should be an industry-wide standard. Brussels is now a preferred European pharma gateway.

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DSV Global Transport and Logistics felt they had a responsibility to safeguard the lithium battery supply chain

By becoming CEIV Li-batt certified, they not only did their part to promote safety and compliance in the transport of lithium batteries, but gained credibility with customers and partners.

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Air Canada wanted to provide assurance that they knew, and were mitigating, their environmental risks

To be aligned with international standards, and be guided and trained by aviation-focused experts in implementing environmental assessment, Air Canada chose IEnvA.

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JAA Training Organisation wanted to offer customers the latest in DGR training

As a certified CBTA Center, JAA stands out from its competition and provides its customers with competency-based training and assessment to help them comply with dangerous goods regulations.

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The City of London Heathrow Animal Reception Centre was looking for global recognition of its services

Covering all the major regulations worldwide, CEIV Live Animals certification provides assurance of the highest standards of animal welfare to the Centre’s customers and stakeholders.

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Etihad Cargo aimed to assure perishables shippers their goods were in safe hands

The CEIV Fresh certification reinforces trust with Etihad Cargo’s customers, by enabling them to prove compliant practices, and ensures the airline remains the partner of choice.

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LATAM Cargo aimed to ensure a sustainable organization in a sustainable industry

To grow their business, contribute to an even safer supply chain, and prepare for the future of air transport, LATAM Cargo chose CEIV Pharma and CEIV Lithium Batteries certifications, as well as to join the IATA Environmental Assessment program.

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CACC Cargolinx needed to streamline their training to ensure qualified staff faster, with no negative impact on service

To meet a growing number of airline customers’ requirements for dangerous goods training, CACC Cargolinx became a certified CBTA Center for DGR, simplifying their approach.

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Çelebi Aviation’s goal was to reinforce employee and customer loyalty through high-quality standardized training

To realize its vision to be a company of choice for both employees and customers, Çelebi Aviation Academy validated its training in Passenger Handling and Cargo Handling, and was certified a Center of Excellence in Training and Development.

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Avianca Cargo’s objective was to be a reference in innovation and drive industry improvement

With three CEIV certifications achieved in record time, including the first airline CEIV Fresh certification in the Americas, the carrier has become a reference, helping the industry raise its game.

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