MRO SmartHub Connector with its effortless integration redefines transactional business to purchase or sell material with preferred partners. Users benefit from seamless information exchange and enhanced trading opportunities of new and used aircraft parts. Free of charge for buyers. 

  • Dedicated tunnel between two trading partners – Buyers can specify what they are seeking. The seller selects the parts to show each buyer, with quantities, prices and availability, providing transparent but confidential information
  • Easier interactions – Communication systematized and negotiation simplified
  • Seamless information exchange - Full integration into IT systems available
  • Easy access to Evaluator – To ensure you have convenient access to the Evaluator functionality without additional integration resources
  • Free for buyers - Receive immediate access to Connector as a buyer after registering an account

Exchange feature

With the increased interest in exchange transactions, the exchange feature was added to the IATA Smarthub Connector module in 2020.

Exchanging parts lowers total costs

  • Instead of purchasing a broken part from the market, the part can be replaced by doing an exchange. It lowers costs and prevents filling the customer’s inventories.
  • Since most exchange parts are available on short notice, they can be used to fulfill urgent demands such as Aircraft On Ground (AOG).
  • With the increased interest in exchange transactions it became a priority to include this feature into the Connector module of the IATA MRO SmartHub.

Effective and integrated exchange processes

  • The IATA MRO SmartHub exchange feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing processes and functionalities.
  • Suppliers are now able to list parts for sale and/or exchange on the Connector. To specify a listing for exchange, a set of basic parameters must be specified: exchange fee, core value and core return time. In addition, a set of optional parameters about the exchange offer is available: mark up on repair costs, additional time and fee to return the core.

Consignment extension

Eases handling consignment projects with partners through a full-featured project cockpit. This cockpit is designed to make every process step more efficient and more transparent for both the consignor and the consignee. Read more about consignment extension.



  • Buying basic


  • Buying basic
  • Buying extended


  • Buying basic
  • Buying extended
  • Selling
  • ERP integration (import)


  • Buying basic
  • Buying extended
  • Selling
  • ERP integration (import)
  • Consignment
  • ERP integration (export)

Contract terms: minimum 1-year

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