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Good billing data means more regular cash flows​

Good billing data is essential for you to be able to collect aviation charges on time. BDG eliminates data inconsistencies and raises the quality of your invoices and ultimately helps ensure faster and smoother payment from your client airlines.

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What BDG does

Running an airport involves monitoring and exploiting immense quantities of data. This includes data of many different types, generated by a variety of sources. When it comes to submitting data for billing and invoicing purposes, flight level data is not only a nuisance to collect – it is also likely to contain errors which end up costing your business both time and money in dispute resolutions and late collection.

By eliminating these inconsistencies and verifying that correct data is used from the start of the invoicing process, you will be able to submit faster and collect sooner, with less surprises and fewer disruptions to your business.

IATA’s Billing Data Gateway is a web-based data submission solution service hosted by IATA. It is designed to detect and correct errors immediately, so that no time is wasted on data reconciliation at a later stage. Airlines easily report their own data to the gateway in a dedicated and secure online environment. Airports gain full visibility on traffic and future revenues: they can monitor activity 24/7, extract data as needed, and receive regular reports.


  • Customizable to individual client needs
  • Mass upload or individual record entry
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Data verification and avoidance of data errors and typos
  • Automation of data transmission to IATA E&F
  • Reminders for billing submission deadlines
  • Format and value consistency
  • Real-time charge calculation
  • Accessible for multiple users
  • Summary reports

Integration with E&F services

Because it drastically reduces the likelihood of disputes and allows ongoing visibility of the status of submitted data, BDG is a key enabler of timely invoice processing and payment. And with better cash flow predictability comes more time and money to reinvest in business growth.

While BDG is available to both Enhancement & Financing Services (E&F) clients and non-clients, it integrates seamlessly with E&F services. E&F then ensures the final validation of billing data and the preparation of invoices. BDG is an invaluable add-on to existing E&F service agreements.

Easy implementation

With BDG, there is no need for complex onsite set up processes. As soon as reporting formats and data elements have been defined, IATA handles the rest of the implementation and set up remotely, and even provides training for the airport and its client airlines. Airlines retain full control over what is being invoiced; they can enter data 24/7 online (saving time thanks to pre-populated fields), and all data is clear and fully traceable.

BDG not only makes data collection and billing easier for airports, it also facilitates a more harmonious and trusting relationship between airports and airlines, thanks to the simplicity and visibility BDG brings to the billing process.

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