​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AirportIS is t​​he most powerful market intelligence and analysis tool for airports available today.

AirportIS bundled with SRS Analyser delivers the most accurate and reliable traffic data and timely schedule information available combining total market supply a​nd demand in a single user-friendly platform.

AirportIS is the most comprehensive aviation database available in the marketplace, capturing 100% of traffic around the world, with:

  • Full market-size coverage from direct airline sales to low-cost carriers.
  • Data aggregated through a series of advanced algorithms and a number of databases unique to IATA.
  • Data based on issued tickets rather than booking data.

Now offered with complete global coverage for a competitive price, the tool features:

  • Historical data back to 2005; to 2000 in SRS Analyser
  • Schedules and capacity information; week-over-week changes
  • O&D global traffic flows for pax with connecting traffic
  • Full itineraries, including airline details
  • Class-of-service and travel-month data
  • Average fares and code share information

Bundled in a convenient web tool for quick analysis, it helps you:

  • Evaluate new routes with key point-of-sale data
  • Benchmark your airport and determine market share
  • Validate true market size dynamics
  • Improve demand-forecasting techniques
  • Understand and target true high-yield traffic
  • Monitor future air service changes
  • Build solid strategies to attract your ultimate business prospects – the airlines

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