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Whether your airport is an international hub or a regional transit point, it’s critical for route development and network planners to assess current capacity and trends as well as benchmark with nearby airports to determine what routes offer the best opportunity for market development, rebuild or which ones are at risk. 

The most accurate and reliable traffic data and timely schedule information available


AirportIS is t​​he most powerful market intelligence and analysis tool for airports available today.

The data is based on issued tickets rather than booking data. Its full market size coverage (from direct airline sales to Low Cost Carriers) is aggregated through a series of advanced algorithms and a number of unique databases available to IATA in order to capture 100% of traffic around the world. Updates in the platform are also made in a timely fashion so that you always have access to the latest data.

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What's inside AirportIS?

AirportIS bundled with SRS Analyser delivers the most accurate and reliable traffic data and timely schedule information available combining total market supply a​nd demand in a single user-friendly platform. The tool features:

  • Historical data and future schedules
  • Schedules and capacity information updated weekly
  • Global monthly passenger traffic flows including full itineraries with up to 5 connections
  • Airline details and point-of-sale information
  • Class-of-service and average fares

Make your daily tasks more efficient with the help of AirportIS

AirportIS can help you understand market performance, market dynamic, details on traffic flows, perform market analysis to identify opportunities for ASD. More specifically it can help you:

  • Evaluate new routes with key point-of-sale data
  • Benchmark your airport and determine market share
  • Validate true market size dynamics
  • Use the data to improve your in-house demand-forecasts
  • Understand and target true high-yield traffic 
  • Monitor future air service changes
  • Build solid strategies to attract your ultimate business prospects--the airlines

The strength of AirportIS is also a powerful and user-friendly WebTool that includes numerous valuable functionalities such as:

  • Mapping and chart functionalities that allows the user to see a graphical interpretation of the data
  • Coding directory whereby users are able to search codes and information relating to airline, airport and equipment codes, distance between two city pairs, and list of countries in a specific region
  • Export capabilities: reports are available in HTML, Excel, ASCII, E-mail and Charts
  • Continued enhancements based on clients’ feedback

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