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Over the 50 years of IATA Training’s existence, we have continuously expanded our portfolio of courses and diversified the access we provide to learning so that aviation can continue to operate safely, securely, and sustainably. We have extended our reach beyond airlines, to provide courses for every sector involved in air transport. We have embraced online platforms, virtual classrooms, simulations, gamification, and virtual reality. And we have modified our approach to accommodate busy schedules, precise knowledge or skills gaps, and preferred ways of acquiring knowledge. IATA Training is committed to continually developing new training courses and ways of learning that meet the demands of our industry and the larger world context.

Understand why continuous learning with IATA Training is good for you

Stay in the know and compliance-ready

Air transport is always seeking to improve safety, security and efficiency. IATA sets the standards that ensure progress. Our training is always up to date.

Stay relevant and increase your employability

Aviation is constantly adding skills, developing talent, upping its game. IATA has insight into the most sought-after skills in the industry. Our training is always on point.

Ensure the best learning experience

We adopt new approaches and technology to make knowledge acquisition and retention easier. Part of IATA’s role is to serve the industry. Our training is always evolving.

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Risk-Based IOSA Airline Training

Risk-Based IOSA Airline Training | classroom course

Take control of your organization’s preparation for risk-based IOSA audits, through role play, interactive exercises and audit simulation, as well as classic instruction and discussion with experts and peers. 

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Recent courses addressing precise industry needs

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