What's New in Training

New Courses and Programs

IATA Training offer courses that are practical and relevant for your professional development so you can obtain real business results. Our courses are designed by industry experts to equip you with skills you can immediately apply in the workplace.

We strive to design courses that promote active learning and avoid the learner’s passive assimilation of the course content. Throughout our courses we encourage ongoing and frequent instructor-participant interactions, learner-content interactions, and learner-learner interactions. This offers multiple opportunities for you to experience, observe, conceptualize and experiment with the content.


New Diplomas

  • Aviation Safety Fundamentals Diploma | Diploma
  • IATA – Carlton University Professional Certificate in Air Transportation Principles and Policy | Diploma
  • Master of Business Administration in Aviation in Partnership with ERAU | Diploma
  • MICE and Sales Diploma | Diploma
  • Tour Production Diploma | Diploma
  • Travel Operations Diploma | Diploma
  • Security Leadership and Corporate Development Diploma | Diploma

New Courses