Managing Aviation Policy and Regulation (classroom)



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About the course

5-day (40 hours) classroom course

Aviation is central to the economy of every State. Each government contributes to this economic well-being when it fosters a safe, competitive and sustainable aviation industry. The primary role of an aviation ministry or department is to advise the government on the policy and regulatory framework for the State’s airports and aviation industry and to recommend choices for decision-making. This responsibility covers a wide range of aviation and airport issues such as airspace management, security, infrastructure, investment, commercialization, facilitation, air route development, compliance and the environment.

The ministry manages the relationship between the government, the State aviation regulator (National Aviation Authority or Civil Aviation Authority), the air navigation service provider, airlines and the national aviation industry. In many cases, the ministry also oversees the participation of the State in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and provides a Secretariat for the International Air Services Commission (IASC). Key concepts are presented as to how to manage economic regulation and develop successful aviation policies. The course provides an opportunity to develop skills, strategies and techniques to influence aviation policy.

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Course code: TCVG-26

Course format


  • Participants should have prior knowledge of The Chicago Convention and its Annexes.
  • Recommended level is Advanced.
  • The recommended level of language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 for courses in English or the equivalent level for other languages.

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Managing Aviation Policy and Regulation (classroom)

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15 - 19 May, 2023
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What you will learn

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Be up to date in aviation economic regulation trends
  • Be more competent in developing aviation policy
  • Advocate aviation policy more effectively
  • Apply commercialization best practices

Course content

The key topics that are covered during this course include:

  • Aviation economic regulation
  • Civil aviation regulation
  • Aviation policy and its development
  • Level of Service policy
  • How to draft civil aviation policy
  • Review of various aviation regulatory regimes
  • Airport and air navigation services economic regulation
  • How to develop a policy communications plan
  • Policy advocacy
  • Policy implementation including commercialization


  • Exercises
  • Case studies

Who should attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Senior and intermediate managers of Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Managers of regulators of airports and Air Navigation Service Providers

Certificate awarded

An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

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