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Welcome to the IATA Regional Training Partner in Budapest!

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Budapest Airport Training Center

The Budapest Airport Training Center (BUD) offers you and your employees diverse training suited to the challenges of working at the airport. From excellence in customer service to vehicle operator training, we have numerous courses that are necessary for efficient operation in this unique work environment.

In addition to specialized training, skills development and team building programs are also available.

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​Budapest Airport Training Center (BUD)

The Airport Training Center is located at Terminal 1 at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. please enter from Gate B. You can reach the Airport Training Center from the city by bus from the Köbánya Kispest metro station, take 200E bus to Ferihegy railway station / Ferihegy vasútállomás; by train from Nyugati train station to Ferihegy railway station / Ferihegy vasútállomás; or by car, turn left from Road 4 to Liszt Ferenc Terminal 1, and choose P+R pay parking.


Terminal 1
Liszt Ferenc International Airport
BUD Nemzetközi Repülőtér
1185 Budapest

Our training facilities can accommodate both small and large groups, up to 100 participants at a time. In harmony with the challenges of modern times, we also provide e-learning solutions, whereby course material is made available to participants using computers. Wi-Fi, printer, water, quiet workspace and cafeteria are available.

BUD Training Center BUD Training Center


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Budapest in a stunning natural setting with a rich architectural and historical heritage, offering an unmatched combination of culture, fine cuisine and thermal baths. Visit the tourism website for more information.

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