Centro de Instruccion, Perfeccionamiento, y Experimentacion (CIPE)

Centro de Instruccion, Perfeccionamiento, y Experimentacion (CIPE) is a leading Training Center at the national and international level, recognized for its academic excellence, equipment and service quality, complying with the highest international standards. ANAC considers CIPE as a benchmark in aviation training as well as in the professional development of aviation technicians and specialists, both nationally and internationally.

CIPE designs and delivers courses aiming at activities related to the aeronautical industry, excelling in those connected with Safety, Dangerous Goods, Language Proficiency, Human Factors, Aerodrome Services, English, Air Navigation Services, and many others.

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Centro de Instruccion, Perfeccionamiento, y Experimentacion (CIPE)

CIPE is conveniently located at Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza, which can be reached by car, private transfer (Transfer-Express, Manuel Tienda León and Vip Cars), taxi, bus, combi (Minibus (+5411) 4343-5292/ 4345-2122 and Aerobus (+5411) 4334-6080 / 4342-8494) or train.

Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza
Puerta 5, C.P. 1802
Buenos Aires 1802

Tel.+54 11 4480 2473
Email: infocipe@anac.gob.ar

For more information please contact CIPE:
Email: inscripcionescipe@anac.gob.ar or infocipe@anac.gob.ar
Tel.+54 11 4480 2408


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