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TÜV Austria Academy (Hellas)

TÜV Austria Academy (Hellas), is an affiliated company of TÜV Austria Group that deals with providing specialized educational programs through its subsidiaries in Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Israel, Yemen, and Qatar. The Academy aims to provide useful and immediately applicable knowledge to all participants, encouraging them to apply it, so that “business” gets into a new track of growth and development.

TÜV Austria Academy is investing in redefining the educational process, introducing the "smart class”, a result of its successful investment in the most innovative ideas, technology, and learning methodologies available, offering high-quality "live training" beyond the borders of conventional classrooms.

TÜV Austria Academy


429, Mesogeion Avenue
15343, Agia Paraskevi

Τ: +30 210 5220920 (int. 216, 224)
F: +30 210 5203990

​TÜV Austria Academy’s training center is operating in a contemporary space, designed to offer high level training / vocational training services, conferences and workshops. The training center provides classrooms that can meet complex training and conference needs, featuring parking area, while all areas are accessible to disabled people.

For more information about TÜV Austria Academy courses or to register, please contact TÜV:



Τel: +30 210 5220920 (int. 216, 224)
Fax: +30 210 5203990

TÜV Austria Academy course schedule

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