DG Compass for Acceptance Personnel (Simulation DCU)



About the course

4-hour e-learning course

IATA DG Compass for Acceptance Personnel aviation training course

This course is recommended for 'Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments' as per IATA's DGR - section 1.5 and in accordance with function 7.3 in IATA's 'Dangerous Goods Training Guidance'. | Previously covered under category 6. Find out more about the CBTA approach, current courses and previous corresponding categories.

This interactive 3-D simulation will allow you to experience and perform the acceptance procedure in a realistic shipment scenario together with the documentation and full acceptance checklist. The simulation aims to reproduce a close-to-real process, assessing the employee skills and ensure that you are competent to perform your job function, fulfil your dangerous goods training requirements and be in full compliance with the regulations.

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Course Code: TCGG-46

Course format

  • The 3-D Simulation module requires approximately 4 hours to complete with a pass mark of 80% correct answers for each of the sessions, to be completed within 6 months from the purchase date (enrollment validity).
  • After the enrollment validity expires, the users will not have access to the simulation module content.
  • The recommended level for this course is Entry-level and Intermediate.

Registration information

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What you will learn

Upon completing this 3-D simulation you will have the skills to:

  • Relate the full process of acceptance
  • Assess the dangerous goods (DG) shipment information
  • Simulate and practice the process of the acceptance of DG shipments
  • Apply IATA’s DGR manual to be able to fully process, accept or reject DG shipment

Course content

The key topics that are covered during this course include:

  • Shipment overview
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD)
  • Air Waybill
  • DG Acceptance checklist

The DG Compass 3-D simulation provides a realistic representation of the acceptance process, utilizing dynamic images of the shipment, together with the accompanying documentation, DGD, Air Waybill and acceptance checklist.

  • You will be able to identify the general shipment details
  • Examine the documentations (DGD and Airwaybill) and validate vs the shipment
  • Examine 360° the shipment to verify marking and labelling or any signs of damages or leakage
  • Who should attend

    This module is recommended for:

    • Airline cargo acceptance and cargo agency staff
    • Cargo operations and ground handling staff
    • Cargo agents, consolidators, freight forwarders involved in acceptance

    Certificate awarded

    Assessment information

    An IATA Certificate is awarded to participants successfully passing the final assessment.

    Please read the General Information on Self-study exams. Your session includes 2 practice scenarios and 2 assessment scenarios. The 2 practice scenarios must be taken first and prior to the assessment scenarios.

    Practice scenarios

    • Practice scenarios do not have a time limit and can be taken at your own pace
    • The results from the practice scenarios are not calculated for your final result

    Assessment scenarios

    • Assessment scenarios can be taken at any time at your convenience
    • Assessment scenarios must be taken one after the other, as the time limit is for both together
    • The results from assessment scenario are calculated for your final result, which is the average result of both scenario
    • Time allowance: 75 minutes combined for both assessment scenarios

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