IATA - University of St Gallen Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Global Air Transport Management



About the diploma

12 courses to be completed in 1-2 year cycle

IATA - University of St Gallen Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Global Air Transport Management aviation training course

The ongoing liberalization of markets, rapid technological changes, digitalization and the establishment of new business models in aviation raise new questions related to theory and practice. Current and future developments in aviation are thereby shaped by the industry actors and structures, in short, the Aviation System. To lead your company or department efficiently from a systemic management point of view, a deeper understanding of the industry and all actors on a global scale is essential for aviation managers.

The diploma encompasses 12 courses, which will enable you to explore and analyze topics in-depth, ranging from aviation systems and revenue management to sustainability and change management. You will become a trusted leader by gaining greater knowledge on the global aviation industry as a whole and the crucial regulations and their impact on business strategies and operations. Frameworks for quality and safety management, as well as for auditing processes will help you and your companies to comply with these regulations.

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Course code: DIPL-126

What you will learn

Upon completion of this diploma you will be able to:

  • Describe the crucial regulations and their impact on business strategies and operations
  • Provide an overview of the global aviation system
  • Assess the impact of your strategic decisions and fine-tune your strategy and tactics continuously
  • Recognize and adopt leadership behaviors to sustain and build change capabilities
  • Track and monitor revenue management initiatives and policies

 Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Global Air Transport Management with IATA Training and the University of St Gallen

Key Topics

  • Aviation system
  • Business strategy
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Risk management
  • Revenue management
  • Cost management

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  • You should have a minimum of 3 years of working experience
  • University degree
  • Responsibility for company / division / department / product / service / process
  • Affiliation with the Civil Aviation industry (Airlines, Airports, Ground Handling, Supply Chain, Association, Services)
  • Written and spoken English proficiency
  • Ability to travel to Switzerland, Canada and Singapore
The program consists of 12 online courses.

2024 Intake

  • Module 3: Strategy and Business Models: 7-8 March, in-person (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • Module 5: Change Management with Interactive Simulation: 12-15 March, online (EMEA)
  • Module 9: Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies - Virtual Simulation Program: 29 April-3 May, in-person (Miami, US)**
  • Module 4: Environment and Sustainability: 7-10 May, online (EMEA)
  • Module 7: Revenue Management and Pricing with simulation: 13-16 May, online (EMEA)**
  • Module 10: Leadership Development: 3-6 June, online (EMEA) + virtual company visits & presentations (Lufthansa, Changi Airport, Airbus, Seletar Business Aviation Center)
  • Module 6: Airline Cost-efficiency Practices & Value-add Strategies: 10-14 June, online (Americas)**
  • Module 8: Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning: 19-22 August, in-person (Geneva, Switzerland)**
  • Module 11: International Negotiation Skills: 30 August-1 September, in-person (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • Module 12: Risk Management and Safety: 3-5 September, in-person (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • Module 2: Auditing in Aviation: 20-22 November, in-person (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
**public classes

IATA-St Gallen DAS in  Global Air Transport Management 2024 Schedule

Who should attend

  • Executives (C-level) and Accountable Managers
  • Key Account and Corporate Development Managers
  • Project Managers, Risk Managers and Auditors / Controllers
  • Safety Managers, Cockpit and Cabin Crews transitioning into corporate roles
  • Regulators


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The total cost for the IATA - University of St Gallen Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Global Air Transport Management Program (12 courses) is USD22,000.

A passing mark of 70% is required on all assignments and exams. A special distinction is awarded to candidates who obtain a distinction in all, or all but one, of all course exams and assignments that are incorporated in this program.

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 Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Global Air Transport Management with IATA Training and the University of St Gallen

To receive the diploma candidates must complete

  • 12 Required courses

Required courses

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies: virtual simulation program - University of St Gallen (LIVE virtual classroom)

Sharpen your management skills and apply newly acquired knowledge in a real market-based simulation game vying for market share and profitability against fellow professionals from the industry!

Classroom.svg Classroom

Airline Cost-efficiency Practices & Value-add Strategies - University of St Gallen (classroom)

Learn how to continuously improve your airline by containing specific airline costs by reviewing a number of airline strategic cost-cutting plans and incorporating necessary mechanisms and procedures to maintain a viable cost reduction program.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Aviation Systems and Accountable Management - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

An overview of the air transportation system, illustrating the interdependence between its key stakeholders: airlines, airports, service providers, civil aviation authorities and the ecosystem’s supply chain.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Change Management with Interactive Simulation - University of St Gallen (LIVE virtual classroom)

Using a change management simulation, learn through serious play, how to effectively lead and manage important organizational changes through proven methodology and experiential exercises

Classroom.svg Classroom

Environment and Sustainability - University of St Gallen (classroom)

Learn how airlines and airports are trying to reduce and minimize their environmental impact, as well as their plans for continued future improvement.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Integrated Management & Organization - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Learn about management and organization models and systems and learn how to apply theory with practical case studies and workshops.

Classroom.svg Classroom

International Negotiation Skills - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Useful models, perspectives, tools and applicable competencies to prepare, conduct and lead successful, intercultural negotiations in the aviation industry with sustainable results.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Leadership Development - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Learn how to answer key questions related to strategic management by applying core elements of the St. Gallen Management Model and the latest research of leadership competencies

Classroom.svg Classroom

Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning - University of St Gallen (classroom)

Contribute to your company’s success by learning how to develop and optimize a route network, select, acquire and manage the optimum fleet and create a competitive flight schedule.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Revenue Management and Pricing with Simulation - University of St Gallen (classroom)

Explore the fundamentals and principles of airline revenue management (RM) through a combination of theory and hands-on practice, and validate your learning using our sophisticated airline revenue management simulator.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Risk Management and Safety - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

This course explains how to be compliant with regulations and offers tools and practices to be efficient.

Classroom.svg Classroom

Strategy and Business Models - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Explore the benefits of different network types as well as the different definitions of business models.

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