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Need Help?

Check the authenticity of a training certificate awarded by an IATA Accredited Training School (ATS)

This validation tool will allow you to verify the validity of a training certificate issued by an IATA Accredited Training School (ATS). ATS's are independent organizations authorized by IATA to deliver training programs in the field of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

​​How do you know if the certificate was issued by an ATS? Where can you find the certificate number?

ATS Certificate​​​

The ATS Certificate Validation Tool is currently undergoing redevelopment to provide you with a better customer experience.

If you would like to validate an ATS certificate, please Contact us providing the full name and the booking number printed on the certificate, and we will be able to send you confirmation on the validity of the certificate.

The ATS certificate validation tool will only recognize certificates:

  • Awarded to individuals who have successfully completed a training course at an IATA ATS
  • Issued in the past 5 years
  • Issued before the end of the previous month