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This schedule only applies to IATA's Online Exams with Remote Supervision (OERS), which are related to IATA Partner-taught and Self-study courses.

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Change exam date

You can change your exam date within the enrollment period, as long as it is done before the exam registration deadline.

Course edition

If you are taking an OERS exam, you can find your which course edition is applicable to your exam in the Course edition list for exams (pdf).

IATA exams

If you'd like more information about IATA exams, you will be guided to the appropriate exam information for your course delivery method from the IATA Exams webpage.

Deadlines Jan Mar May Jul Sept Nov
Lastest date to order kits & and submit payment to IATA* 1 December (previous year) 1 February 1 April 1 June 1 August 1 October
Exam Registration / Cancellation / Change deadline** 1 January 1 March 1 May 1 July 1 September 1 November
Examination Week 22-31 January 22-31 March 22-31 May 22-31 July 22-30 September 22-30 November
Award Distribution Date 15 February 15 April 15 June 15 August 15 October 15 December

* Quotations/invoices must be requested at least 1 week prior to this deadline
** Unpaid orders will automatically be canceled, and the exam booking is withdrawn by this date (withdrawn bookings cannot be reinstated, even after payment)

How to videos

If you are looking for additional help in making or changing your exam booking, please refer to the 'How to' guidance videos below: