FACE (Future Air Cargo Executives) is IATA’s response to the industry’s need for young, aspiring, and diverse professionals.

Together with the air cargo industry, IATA recognizes that there is an urgent need to invest in people, promote gender diversity, and engage young talent. The FACE Program aims at attracting, retaining, and developing a bright and diverse pool of individuals under 36 to prepare them to become the next generation of leaders in the cargo industry. Read the FACE presentation (pdf) for more information about the program.

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Leading in the New Normal Webinar

The recent events have forced every leader to rethink how they engage their teams and how they conduct their business. Times have changed rapidly and required us to be flexible and adaptive to succeed. During (and after) a crisis, team members look to their leaders for guidance, reassurance and hope that the future will be fine. While empathy is called for, good leadership is also required in this new normal.

Future Air Cargo Executive Summit (FACES)

Join the annual summit for young industry professionals under 36 to interact with today’s leaders, create a strong network with like-minded ambitious peers, and up your leadership skills through our interactive education and working sessions. 

IATA organized the first FACES in 2013 to highlight the critical role young leadership plays in the future growth of the air cargo industry. The annual summit, held in conjunction with the World Cargo Symposium, allows the newest generation of industry executives to express their viewpoints and make a sound contribution to the global air cargo agenda.

FACE UP Air Cargo Career Competition

FACE-UP! gives recent graduates from around the world with the opportunity to present their thesis to industry executives. Their work must focus on innovation and transformation in air transport logistics (e.g., transportation, operations, mobility, revenue management, distribution, customer experience, etc.). The entries received were evaluated based upon the innovative, transforming, and visionary nature of the content, as well as the quality of the solution presented in the thesis.

FACE UP 2021 finalists 

  • Tereza Bartlová, Brno University of Technology: “Performance Possibilities of VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”
  • Martina Brysch, University of Groningen: “Air Cargo in the Physical Internet”
  • Craig Neal, University of New South Wales: “Demand for Cargo Airships in Australia: An analysis of mode choice decision making by logistics professionals”

Read more about the shortlisted applications in the FACE UP Finalists Announcement (pdf).  You can also check the Terms and Conditions (pdf) and Judging Criteria (pdf​​​​​​​​​​​​​). 


Vision 2030 White Paper

The FACES Vision 2030 is the result of a think tank comprised of young air cargo professionals. The project started during the 2015 edition of FACES when the participants decided to express their long-term vision & for the industry. Read the FACES Vision 2030 White Paper.

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If you are a young or aspiring air cargo executive under 36, you are invited to become part of FACE.