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Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention handbook

The Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Handbook (CCHB) provides users the most up to date information on the crucial legal aspects of the carriage of cargo by air, with recent examples of cases decided by the courts and should assist cargo claims handlers on a daily basis.

 The CCHB incorporates input from airlines, legal experts, and freight forwarders together with all relevant and applicable conventions along with a chapter on Principles of Loss Prevention. Complete with practical information, this guide is the complete resource for all industry stakeholders who are concerned with effective cargo claims handling and loss prevention.

 Cargo Claims and Loss Prevention Handbook has been revised to reflect the latest legal developments in the international air cargo liability field. Features of the most recent edition are:

  •  New and definitive case summaries on cargo liability
  • Updated liability treaties and treaty regime tables
  • Selected IATA Cargo Conference Resolutions
  • Updated directories – key claims contacts for all major airlines

The CCHB is a practical guide for effective processing of air cargo claims and is only book of its kind - a must have for the entire supply chain. 

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Cargo Claims and Loss Prevention Handbook (CCHB)
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