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Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conference Composite Manual

The Composite Manual is a cornerstone of the publications related to the Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences. It consists of Resolutions divided into five different important pillars:

  • Common Industry Definitions
  • Mileage Principles
  • Fare Construction Principles
  • Common Currency Application
  • Interline Baggage Acceptance Rules

Common Industry Definitions

Allows the industry to have a standard application and a common understanding of the fare related definitions applicable to the Resolutions of the Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences 

Mileage Principles

Establishes common standards for the mileage application such as creations of MPM (Maximum Permitted Mileage), SOM, TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage) and information on global indicators

Fare Construction Principles

Establishes standards for the fare construction rules for journeys, pricing units and fare components as well as for fare construction checks, such as HIP and CTM etc. These are standards that member airlines could deviate from if commercially deemed necessary.

Common Currency Application

Establishes common currency standards such as currency codes, rounding rules etc to facilitate fare construction application and interlining.

Interline Baggage Acceptance Rules

Provides standard conditions for interline baggage acceptance. Includes free baggage allowance standards and regulations from where members could deviate if commercially deemed necessary.

The e-Composite

The Composite Manual is also available in electronic version, called the 'e-Composite'. It has the added advantage of monthly updates and highlighted comments on the status of government approvals.

e-Composite User Guide (pdf

Key benefits

  • Explains the fundamental principals and rules of the Resolutions
  • Monthly updates
  • Commented text to facilitate the understanding of the status of governmental approvals
  • Paperless 

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