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Travel Agent's Handbooks

The 2018 editions of the Travel Agent’s Handbook (TAH), effective 1 June 2018 are now available for download.  Each handbook contains the Passenger Agency Conference decisions governing industry practices or relevant industry regulatory developments as well as locally established criteria.

Local Financial Criteria

All Local Financial Criteria can be found in section 3 of the Handbook.

Changes to Local Financial Criteria or Resolutions

Changes to Local Financial Criteria or Resolutions agreed after publication of the Travel Agent's Handbooks will be posted on this page under "Mail Votes" or "Local Financial Criteria".

Important Information for Travel Agents
Guidelines for Use of IATA Logo English
PCI Data Security Standards English
Quick Reference Guide 2015 English
Security Providers Evaluation Criteria English
List of Travel Agency Commissioners English
Remittance Frequencies - Africa & Middle East English
Remittance Frequencies – Americas English
Remittance Frequencies – Asia Pacific English
Remittance Frequencies – Europe English
Remittance Frequencies – Global English
Remittance Frequencies – North Asia English
Airline Appointments – Asia Pacific English
Airline Appointments – Canada Bermuda English
Airline Appointments – Latin America & Caribbean English
Airline Appointments – Europe Africa & Middle East English
BSP Manual for Agents English
BSP Manual for Agents-NewGen ISS English
Travel Agent Handbook 2018
TAH800, 812 & 818g English - French
TAH812 & 818g Spanish
Mail Votes
A287 - Reso 812 - Restriction of Customer Card Payment Method English
A288 - Reso 812 - Minimum threshold for Remittance Holding Capacity English
A289 - Alternative Financial Security Regime for TAANZ Bonding Beyond 1st January 2019 English
A290 - Changes to Local Financial Criteria - Latvia English
A291 - Changes to Local Financial Criteria - Estonia English
A292 - Changes to Local Financial Criteria - Lithuania English
A293 - Changes to Local Financial Criteria - Finland English
A294 - Changes to Local Financial Criteria - Singapore English
Local Financial Criteria
LFC AZ English
LFC CN English
LFC IE English
LFC PH English
LFC UK English
LFC UA English

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