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To keep the travel industry running smoothly, IATA coordinates and communicates the resolutions, regulations and mechanisms that accredited travel agents have a duty to comply with.

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Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions

The Passenger Agency Conference (also known as 'PAConf' or 'the Conference') takes action on matters (excluding remuneration levels) relating to the relationships between airlines and recognized passenger sales agents and other intermediaries. It is the body that supervises all policy development and decides the rules governing the reporting and settlement of air ticket sales. Each resolution provides the terms and conditions that IATA-accredited travel agents and intermediairies must comply with to undertake sales on behalf of IATA member airlines.

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Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) Manual for Agents

Established by the Passenger Agency Conference, the BSP Manual for Agents provides useful information on how to best to manage operations when participating in the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

> BSP Manual for Agents - Reso 812 (pdf)
> BSP Manual for Agents - Reso 800 & 818g (pdf)
> ADMWG Chargeback Guidelines (pdf)

Travel Agent’s Handbook (TAH)

A binding document for all IATA Accredited Travel Agents, the TAH centralizes information such as the most important PAConf Resolutions, Local Financial Criteria by country, and the main requirements to become an IATA Accredited Agent.

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Travel Agency Commissioners’ Office

The role of the Travel Agency Commissioner is to act as an independent arbitrator in international commercial disputes which may arise between an IATA Accredited Agent or an Applicant, on one hand, and IATA and/or any BSP Participating Airline on the other hand. This dispute resolution service is offered in co-operation between travel agents -- through the Universal Federation of Travel Agency Associations (UFTAA), the World Travel Agency Associations Alliance (WTAAA), the European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association (ECTAA) -- and airlines, through IATA.

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