The resolutions issued by the Passenger Agency Conference form the basis of the industry distribution system. A resolution provides terms and conditions that applicants and Accredited Agents must comply with to undertake sales on behalf of IATA member airlines.

The Resource Center below contains all of the currently effective Resolutions of the IATA Passenger Agency Conference. All Resolutions are consolidated within the Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual and this publication is updated annually.

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69 resolutions found

Reso number Resolution title
001 Permanent Effectiveness Resolution
001aa Passenger Agency Conference
002a Suspension of Resolutions
003 Special Tie-In Resolution
004a Restrictions of Applicability of Resolutions
006 Government Approvals
007 Resolution Prefixes
008 Adjustment of Effectiveness Dates
008a Extension of Expiry Date
010 Interpretation and Hierarchy of Rules Pertaining to the Sales Agency Programme
200g Filing of Goverment Requirements and Authorisations
800 Passenger Sales Agency Rules
800a Application Form for Accreditation as an IATA Passenger Sales Agent
800f Agents' Financial Evaluation Criteria
800x Emergency Changes to Reporting and Remittance
800z Electronic Ticketing
804f Extension of Application to Bermuda
810z Extension of Agency Programme in China
812 Passenger Sales Agency Rules
812a Alternative Transfer Method Providers & Alternative Transfer Methods Rules