The resolutions issued by the Passenger Agency Conference form the basis of the industry distribution system. A resolution provides terms and conditions that applicants and Accredited Agents must comply with to undertake sales on behalf of IATA member airlines.

The Resource Center below contains all of the currently effective Resolutions of the IATA Passenger Agency Conference. All Resolutions are consolidated within the Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual and this publication is updated annually.

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69 resolutions found

Reso number Resolution title
886 Members' Group Vocational Training Trips for Accredited Passenger Sales Agents
886a Reduced Fares for Passenger Agents (IATA/UFTAA Professional Examinations)
886p Reduced Fare Transportation for Persons Officially Travelling to Travel Agency Commissioner Hearings
888 Free of Reduced Fare Transportation for IATA Passenger General Agents
890 Customer Card Sales Rules
890x Payment Fraud Liability in Transactions Resulting From an Offer
892 Disclosure of Positions Taken at an IATA Meeting
896 Alternative Transfer Method Providers & Alternative Transfer Methods [TRANSPARENCY IN PAYMENTS TRANSITION]
898 Travel Industry Designators