The resolutions issued by the Passenger Agency Conference form the basis of the industry distribution system. A resolution provides terms and conditions that applicants and Accredited Agents must comply with to undertake sales on behalf of IATA member airlines.

The Resource Center below contains all of the currently effective Resolutions of the IATA Passenger Agency Conference. All Resolutions are consolidated within the Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual and this publication is updated annually.

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69 resolutions found

Reso number Resolution title
848 IATA EasyPay
850 Billing and Settlement Plans
850b IATA Sponsored Ticket Office
850e Industry Settlement Systems
850m Issue and Processing of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs)
850p Financial Securities
852 Designation and Selection of Ticketing Airline
854 Electronic Ticketing Systems in Billing and Settlement Plan countries/areas
858 Blocked Funds
860a Passenger Agency Programme Global Joint Council (PAPGJC)
862 Joint Agent and Airline Consultative Meetings
866 Definitions of Terms Used in Passenger Agency Programme Resolutions
868 Passenger Agency Conference Steering Group and the Agency Administrator
876 Non-Airline Passenger General Sales Agents
876b Notification of Appointment of an Airline as Passenger General Sales Agent
878 General Concurrence
880 Reduced Fares for Accredited Passenger Sales Agents
880a IATA Travel Agent Identity (ID) Card
884 Reduced Fares for Delegates Attending Official Joint Industry Meetings
884a Reduced Fare Transportation for National Travel Agency Assiciation Officials