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Cargo Connect

Simplify and modernize connectivity

As a new project added to the StB Cargo portfolio, Cargo Connect aims at simplifying and modernizing connectivity with and between the CCSs as well as creating a directory of forwarders and other airfreight participants’ identities which are currently private.


E-freight finds its roots in electronic messaging between air cargo partners. To ensure that many airlines and forwarders can interact, the Cargo Community System providers (CCSs) have emerged. At present, 95% of communication between airlines and freight forwarders is through CCSs. 

Currently these CCS’ interact with these customers as well as with other CCS’ in a bilateral basis. But there is a lack of transparency, visibility and harmonization in the CCSs connectivity. There is much to be gained by all parties if the connectivity with and between the CCS’ was compatible and coherent.


This project, involving the CCS’, is about developing:

  1. Standards for access to the CCS’ to allow all airfright participants to connect with ease and use the same process regardless of the provider
  2. Standards for interaction between the CCS’ to allow the network to facilitate network growth
  3. Identification database based on PIMA addresses for forwarders and other airfreight participants 

Such standards would allow for easier access to and switching between service providers to meet their business imperatives. It would also facilitate new entrants and support the emergence of new cargo communities, supporting new markets and growth.

Cargo Connect emphasizes the importance of partnerships between airlines and their distribution partners. Through the CCS Council, this relationship will be strengthened and provide an industry platform for joint distribution developments. This is an open conversation and IATA welcomes all CCS’ to join this initiative! 

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