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Improving Environmental Performance


Airlines are united in their determination to manage and reduce their impact on the environment in partnership with airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), and aircraft manufacturers.

​Tackling carbon (CO2) emissions is at the top of the agenda, and the industry has a well established strategy and globally agreed to targets to that end. Noise is addressed through the ICAO Balanced Approach. To deal with more general environmental issues, airlines are working together to establish and share best practices, including the use of environment systems and environmental assesments.

Main IATA programs

In order to further reduce aviation’s impact on the environment, IATA has set up several programs to assist airlines in improving their environmental performance:

Advocacy efforts

In partnership with industry stakeholders and governments, IATA is focused on developing sensible environmental policies to enable and promote sustainable and eco-efficient air transport. IATA advocates that as a global industry, aviation requires global solutions.

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