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What You Must Know About Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) When Traveling by Air

Power banks and portable electronic devices - usually equipped with a lithium battery - have a high potential for spontaneous ignition. This is why these items must never be placed in checked luggage. Because if they should take fire, the cabin crew is trained to deal with it. Whereas in the baggage haul, detection may not take place in time, and may lead to serious safety issues.

What exactly must never be included in checked luggage

These are the devices you must never include in your suitcase:

  • Portable power banks - these are the special batteries that allow you to charge other electrical devices. They come in many
    shapes and sizes
  • Portable Electronic Devices (PED) - These are lightweight electrical equipment typically used for communications, data processing and/or computing, so: tablets, e-readers, smartphones, MP3 players, drones and electronic toys, and spare batteries.

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