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IATA De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP)

​The DAQCP is well regarded by the Handling companies and works closely with them to achieve the airline regulators' requirements.​​
A number of airlines established an audit pool to share the audit results. This avoided multiple audits of the same provider at the same location while improving the quality of inspections, as fewer and more effective audits are carried out by accredited DAQCP inspectors in accordance with stringent evaluation criteria established by the Pool. The stations are assigned each year by the Pool and are based on the airports served by airline DAQCP members​.


The Pool has developed its own set of procedures and checklists for conducting airfield inspections and audits. Although the primary objective of the DAQCP is to ensure the safety of aircraft operations, participating airlines derive important financial benefits in terms of drastically reduced airport inspection workloads and associated costs.


The De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool known as DAQCP currently consists of about 100 member airlines and through its active members, performs inspections on approximately 600 companies that provide de-icing/anti-icing services and post de-icing/anti-icing checks at more than 300 airports worldwide. The DAQCP also offers a passive membership to operators that do not have an audit organization or the experience in winter operations.

The quality control is based on the AEA Recommendations for De-icing/Anti-icing of aeroplane on the ground and the JAR-OPS 1 , EU-OPS 1. The audits are accomplished in yearly intervals during the winter season between October and April and are based on checklists developed by the steering committee. Checklists are updated yearly after consideration of the latest developments in de-icing/anti-icing techniques and are in line with the AEA-Recommendations. Audit reports as well as the audit related communication are exchanged within the DAQCP by electronic mails within a required timeframe as defined in the pool agreement. Safety related findings are reported to all members immediately with Alert-letters if applicable.

DAQCP Member Airlines (pdf)

The DAQCP audits comprise the following subjects:

Compliance of Procedures and Documentation with acceptable standards

  • Training and Qualification of personnel
  • De-icing/Anti-icing Facilities
  • De-icing/Anti-icing Equipment
  • Integrity of sprayed De-icing/Anti-icing Fluids
For additional information on membership, fees and training, please contact:
  • DAQCP Administration
    e-mail: daqcp-admin@IATA.org
    Tel + 1 (514) 874 0202 Ext.3403
    Fax + 1 (514) 874 2661

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