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AME Strategy 20 January 2019

AME Strategy for 2019

The aviation industry is growing. By 2035, we are expecting a doubling in demand for air transport. For Africa and Middle East (AME) region, we are looking at 835 million passengers in the next 20 years. Aviation growth creates jobs and drives economic activity, but in order to materialize the economic and social benefits of aviation, we must work together to ensure that the industry is ready for this growth. 

AME Strategic Priorities

In AME, our newly reorganized regional structure has moved us even closer to our members. Our teams in the regional office and the four country clusters (North Africa and Levant, Gulf and Near East, South and East Africa and Central West Africa) are dedicated to serving our customers and delivering simple, timely and effective value with a human touch; that is the AME commitment. 

To accomodate the growth of our industry, IATA identified four strategic priorities for the AME region:
  1. Raise safety and security levels to at least the global average.
  2. Ensure there is sufficient infrastructure and skilled staff to support growth.
  3. Assist airlines in their pursuit of a cost-effective operating environment.
  4. Place aviation on government agenda in order to achieve Africa connectivity and a more business friendly harmonized regulatory framework.


IATA is committed to working together to shape the future growth of a safe, secure and sustainable air transport industry that connects and enriches our world. We will advance our strategic priorities globally and in the region through advocacy and lobbying – facilitating the growth of civil aviation by creating a better regulatory and business environment for our member airlines; standard-setting and adoption – enabling airlines, the wider value chain, and consumers to connect safely, securely, sustainably and efficiently to all parts of the network through global standards; and products and services – adding value for our members and enhance air transport by providing services where we have a clear mandate and distinctive capability.

Through AME Insights, we aim to keep you informed with the progress of our 2019 strategy.

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