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Infrastructure - Regional news 10 February 2019

Infrastructure key to meeting aviation growth

​Africa is one of the world’s fastest-growing regions in aviation, with traffic expected to double by 2035. The key to meeting and benefitting from this growing demand is in ensuring safe, effective and cost-efficient infrastructure. 

Over the past decade, Morocco has prioritized air transport, undergoing major infrastructure upgrades to strengthen the aviation sector and capitalize on the position of Casablanca as a major hub in Africa. 

Strengthening infrastructure

On January 22nd, 2019, Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport opened the long-awaited Terminal 1. This extension and modernization of T1 is part of an overall strategy of the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA), to increase the airport capacity in the kingdom and strive towards compliance with international standards for air traffic, aviation safety, security and quality of services in all airport of the country.

The 1.58 billion euros investment is expected to increase the overall airport capacity to 14 million passengers a year, providing state of the art infrastructure for both passengers and airlines. On its own, the new terminal will accommodate and handle an annual traffic of 7 million passengers. The new terminal is expected to become an important platform for boosting the economic and financial activities of the economic capital of the Kingdom, including the financial center, Casablanca Finance City.

The airport upgrade will also allow Royal Air Maroc to offer more Fast Travel program solutions to travelers, enhancing their journeys and passenger experience. IATA’s Fast Travel program addresses the future of travel, with more self-service options, more choices for passengers, and lower costs for the industry. IATA will work hand in hand with ONDA and Royal Air Maroc to bring in the best practices to the overall aviation initiatives being deployed in Morocco.

Airport modernization doesn’t stop at Casablanca. To support the continuously-growing passenger traffic and the socio-economic development taking place in the region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, the ONDA announced in December of 2018 the project to build a new terminal at Rabat-Sale airport to increase the passenger capacity from 1.5 million currently to 4 million passengers a year. The new facility will benefit the neighboring city of Kenitra as an industrial and employment platform hosting automobile industrial groups, among others.

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