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IATA's Asia Pacific regional office is based in Singapore and serves as the central point of contact for IATA's member airlines in the region. The regional office also maintains close ties with governments, airports, air navigation service providers and regional industry organizations.


 Asia Pacific Digest - Quarter 2, 2016

Welcome to the IATA Asia Pacific Quarterly Digest, where we bring you updates on the major developments in IATA activities in the Asia Pacific region every quarter. Check out the headlines of our current edition and click to read more. 

IATA's Response to India's National Civil Aviation Plan

IATA has expressed concerns regarding changes made to the finalized National Civil Aviation Policy released by the Indian government, particularly with the policy on hybrid till. Read More

IATA Welcome Reduction in New Zealand's Air Traffic Management Prices

Airways New Zealand on 27 May announced their decision to reduce charges by 4.7%, a decision applauded by IATA for demonstrating an understanding of the importance that aviation plays in supporting economic growth. Read More

Priorities for Thailand's Aviation

IATA’s Director General & CEO Tony Tyler has highlighted three priority areas for Thailand’s aviation industry that need to be addressed: expansion and improvement at Suvarnabhumi Airport, improved safety regulations, and costs. Read More

Tony Tyler Discusses South East Asia's Aviation Challenges

Profitability for airlines in South East Asia is much tougher than it is globally. IATA Director General & CEO Tony Tyler has identified the competitive environment, the strong US currency, and a weak air cargo market among the main causes. Read More

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