Strategic Partners involved in the Security area will be invited to cooperate on aviation security regulatory settings, cargo and catering, security management systems and other key aviation security topics. Furthermore, Strategic Partners will be made aware of security concerns, hot topics and participate in the development of best practices and guidelines.

Aviation Security Strategic Partnerships Summary

Security remains a top priority for IATA and its member airlines whereby IATA is calling upon governments to continue to work with the aviation industry to develop appropriate measures to current evolving trends.


  • Be made aware of airline security concerns
  • Be informed of the hot topics and global industry perspective on security priorities through IATA-driven industry projects and forums
  • Play a role in helping to shape and develop best practices and guidelines through IATA driven study groups (e.g., 100% HBS Screening)
  • Have direct access to IATA subject matter experts
  • Partake in Strategic Partners meetings, dedicated workshops and Events
  • Participate in specific industry task forces and the development of specific industry solutions


  • Strategic Partners will be invited to attend Webinars to keep up with the latest developments and updates regarding Aviation Security trends
  • Invitation to participate to the annual Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Industry Meeting held during the World Safety & Operations Conference (WSOC)

Focus Areas

  • Aviation Security regulatory settings
  • Cargo and catering security
  • Security Management System (SeMS) approaches
  • Open Source Intelligence and data exploitation
  • Strategic threat assessment (conflict zones, insider threat and others)
  • Security Risk and Vulnerability assessments

Designed for

  • Experts on transportation security policy, regulation and operations
  • Next Generation security technology solution providers
  • Organizations involved in the development of protective security intelligence
  • Think tanks / study groups
  • Threat and risk management organizations

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).


Strategic Partnerships Program