Strategic Partners in this Area of Involvement will participate in meetings and decision-making activities encompassing best practices, guidelines and information sharing of how to optimally achieve efficiencies through digitalizing aircraft maintenance. The Digital Aircraft Operations (DAO) community will be covering various activities in the form of subgroups and will rotate goals and deliverables. 

Digital Aircraft Operations Strategic Partnerships Summary

Strategic Partners will work towards achieving industry-wide acceptance and standard implementation of technologies, develop best practices, guidelines and a roadmap of how to best achieve efficiencies in aircraft maintenance. Strategic Partners will aim to influence the decision-making process of regulators to facilitate acceptance of new technologies in aircraft maintenance, while helping reduce maintenance costs resulting from outdated processes. 


  •  Work with 15-20 key IATA member airlines and Strategic Partners to drive the innovation of digital aircraft technical operations, maintenance and related industry solutions
  • Collaborate with industry leaders and be part of the team that develops guidelines for airlines and the MRO community
  • Access to meetings, typically two per year to discuss best practices, as well as potential subgroup meetings 
  • Discounted attendance to the World Safety and Operations Conference (WSOC)


  • Meetings of the group and subgroups
  • Participation and attendance to IATA conferences featuring DAO topics
  • Acknowledgement in the documents on best practices created by the group

Focus Areas

  • RFID technology for aircraft parts tracking and inspections (Spec2000 Ch 9-5)
  • Digital signature in TechOps for tasks sign off
  • Digital maintenance record keeping, digital aircraft lease transfers
  • Scheduled Maintenance Data Standard in S1000D (XML)
  • Allowable Configuration Management Standard (Spec 2400)
  • Electronic Regulatory Documents
  • Aircraft e-enablement, connectivity and eTechLog / eLogBook
  • Aircraft Health Management
  • Sustainability

Designed for

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Leaders in Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), IT industry
  • Technology providers
  • Aircraft part suppliers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).