Strategic Partners within the Flight Operations Area of Involvement will focus on flight crew training, scheduling, CNS, meteorology, and performance. Strategic Partners will also discuss new technologies, human factors and address operational matters of strategic importance. 

Flight Operations Strategic Partnerships Summary

The Flight Ops Group (FOG) develops policies, standards, and recommendations on all aspects of flight operations (flight crew training, scheduling, CNS, meteorology, performance, innovative technology, human factors and addresses operational matters of strategic importance). The FOG reports to the Operations Advisory Council (OAC) and meets twice a year. Membership consists of senior flight operations executives from 15 major international airlines.


  • Participation in the Aircraft Performance Task Force
  • Access to IATA Subject Matter Experts 


Invitations to attend the Aircraft Performance Task Force which meets annually and deals with all aspects of aircraft performance. APTF's work includes proposed government regulations; information provided by or required from the manufacturers, runway and airport issues including digitized performance and obstacle data. A further focus is to standardize and optimize the interface between the aircraft manufacturers' performance software and the airlines' computerized performance programs. The result is published as performance data specifications. 

Focus Areas

  • Flight Operations
  • Human Factors
  • New Technologies

Designed for

  • Flight Operations Issues
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Global Meteorological Information
  • Inflight service & product providers
  • IT service providers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).


Strategic Partnerships Program